Satellite Services


HCL supports its partners in deploying and integrating satellite based services in their network, and to meet their customer requirements. Satellite solutions remain relevant for hard to reach places where terrain, weather and other environmental conditions make use of traditional media unreliable or very expensive to maintain. Substantial improvements in the value chain of the satellite industry are also driving down the total cost of ownership of satellite based services, making these more cost effective.

HCL supports a wide variety of satellite technological options, multiple architectures, and different frequency bands to design solutions which are right for any given requirement of its customers.   


Key Features:

• Two way dedicated bandwidth
• Reliable and Secure connection
• Controlled and monitored by a Network Monitoring System
• Ideal for bandwidth hungry applications
• Ku or C Band
• Global Coverage
• Committed Information Rate from Kbps to Mbps
• Symmetric or Asymmetric Transmission Channel
• Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint
• Rapid Installation or Relocation